Sunday, 1 January 2012

2012: A Year of Beauty, Balance and Delight

Have you come across the idea of choosing a word to focus on at the beginning of each year? I have tried this in previous years, with mixed success. To be honest it has often felt a little forced, and I rarely stuck with my word for the whole year. Like a poorly thought out New Year's Resolution, some words haven't even made it to the end of January.

This year however, instead of searching for a word, three words have been insistently knocking at my door, asking - demanding - to be let in. Those words are Beauty, Balance and Delight.

Over the next twelve months - and perhaps longer, I intend to actively welcome Beauty, Balance and Delight into my life. On this blog I will explore what that means, in theory and in practice. I don't know exactly how that's going to work. This is the first step on an intriguing journey, and as yet I am unsure where it will lead. Will you join me?


  1. Bravo! Bring it on! Much love and happy new year!

  2. Let's share the light this year!

  3. Ohh alright, as it's you. And as I am an art historian and ex-curatorial person I have an interest in beauty and delight... balance I struggle with... a Scorpio tends to all or nothing which can occasionally be fun but isn't about balance.

    I hope your new year is a fabulous thing of beauty and delight...oh alright and balance!